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Make your home SMART and achieve your dream space with our home automation & SMART Home installations.


Home Automation Marbella has over 10 years experience designing, integrating and installing high performance home cinemas, multi-room audio visual systems, ‘smart’ home automation, and intelligent lighting control, mood lighting scenes.

Home Automation

Our Home Automation systems enable easy intuitive control of even the most advanced home electrical system. Music and video distributed to every room, each able to play individual sources or all playing the same tune in “Party Mode”. Air conditioning, heating, CCTV and security can all be brought under the control of an easy to use touch screen or web interface and even your smart phone when you are away from home. A simple temperature thermostat can control a number of subsystems, turn heating or air conditioning on or off, close or open sun shades – depending on whether the room needs to heat or cool. Any electrical device can be controlled by one of our home automation control systems – events can be programmed to happen automatically without your intervention. Automated systems can improve enjoyment of your home, convenience and save energy all at the same time!

HD Home Entertainment – Multi-Room Audio and Video

Our Multi-Zone Entertainment systems are perfect for your home, bar or restaurant  – Whole House Audio Video systems integrate with audio servers providing access to your film and music collection anywhere in the home – including Blu-Ray servers, iTunes, Spotify and internet radio. We design and install bespoke Home Cinemas enabling you to unwind at home whilst spending quality time with your family.

Automated Lighting – Mood Lighting Control Systems

Lighting plays a big part in showing off the features of your home both internal and external. Our automated lighting systems use utilise dimmers to set preferred mood lighting scenes at the touch of a button or as part of an automated event such as turning lights on & closing the curtains as evening closes in. Automated lighting control can save you energy automatic switching and dimming can save 50% of your energy running costs, even more when the latest LED lighting is used.

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