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There’s home automation and then there’s the best in home automation.

We at Oakley Automated Living pride ourselves on home automation solutions integrating the technology of tomorrow with that of today. We want to create perfection for all our customers so that each and everyone feels that “Wow!” factor just entering their own home. We can offer to design automation solutions for any single one or combinati

Ease of use and control for our customer’s, using SMART technology and intuitive touch screen interfaces, are important to us in the design of the perfect systems that do all the work for you using integrated programmed schedules. Imagine coming home from work, or a lovely day out, to find your lighting and heating are already on waiting for you, or on a room movement detect system, where they come on when you enter the house and it detects movement. All these systems can be controlled from your Smart Phone or laptop, ensuring that even if you are away you have control of what happens in your home.

Whatever the vision you have for your system, however simple, or complicated, we at Oakley Automated Living pride ourselves in providing an easy to use solution. No wonder this makes us the choice for home automation on the Costa del Sol, in Marbella, Sotogrande and beyond.

No wonder that Oakley Automated Living is the choice for home automation in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Imagine the systems and products you already have and use everyday being integrated into the ultimate home automation solution, which is what we at Oakley Automated Living offer – music, lighting, heating, security, home theatre – all integrated into a personalised experience that is designed to enhance your life and offer more control through iPads, iPhones and Android Smart Phones and tablets giving you and Oakley Automated Living smart house that will also provide convenience, peace of mind, added comfort and savings.

Home Automation & Integrated Systems. Imagine a simpler life with centralisation and control of all your electrical and mechanical systems within your home – this is what automating your home can do for you.

One simple to use system can transform the life of you and your family. It doesn’t need to start with the whole home – how about just the family room to start and then build up to an easy use system that encompasses the control of AV equipment, lighting, security, heating and even your curtains and blinds. Oakley Automated Living is there to provide you with the experience that you will wonder how you ever lived without it, there to make your life easier.

Your Music and Movies anywhere. Why feel obliged to watch or listen to what someone else is doing in another room – with a centralised media library what and listen to what you want wherever you want.

Security for you and your family. The Oakley Automated Living way is to provide you with peace of mind and that feeling of security by providing you with the tools to control your security making you and your family feel more secure in your own home whilst also keeping costs down by being more energy efficient and for you to have total control of your AV equipment.

Benefits of Home Automation

  • The security of having all your audio and video equipment out of site and in one location
  • From any room any device can be controlled such as DVD, Radio, CCTV and Media servers and your local TV service
  • The way you control your home includes a vast variety of options from multi remote controls, iPhone, iPad and a variety of touch screens and panels
  • Lighting and heating controlled and integrated only when you need it creating energy efficiency
    CCTV and security accessed while you are away from any device creating peace of mind and the accessibility to your own home while you are away
  • A central media library for all your favourite films and music that can be accessed from any room
    Having full remote control from your media device
  • An integrated full home cinema room for the ultimate experience in home entertainment


With our cutting edge technology, we at Oakley Automated Living create a combined system to make your life easier with a multi-room system integrating music, TV and PC to suit you and your lifestyle. With our home automation system everything you want to be is centralised and stored in one location, but is accessable from whichever place in you home you want it to be.

Comfort & Convenience

Whether you are relaxing at home or away for whatever reason, imagine being able to control every device in your home. The Oakley Automated Living solution gives you the chance to remotely control your TV, heating, lighting, curtains or blinds on a central system at any time. You can also have complete control of your security systems, both remotely and on-site through multi touch remote controls or iPhone, iPad and Android devices – something so simple the whole family can use.

Think of how it would feel to have your lighting and heating system all set up before you even get out of bed, saving on energy too, apart from being totally convenient. Everything can also be pre-set to have the perfect ambient light and sound levels to suit you.

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