Films, music, ambiance: we understand what makes life worth living

The entertainment experience is so important all round which is why we have such exacting standards in vision and sound to deliver the best performance products for you to enjoy the best experience in your own home.

Music & Movies in every room

Whichever room you desire we can put in the perfect media and home audio system with our discreet design and exclusive installation. No unsightly speakers, just a perfect solution for whichever space you require.
With our systems you can have full HD access to whatever you require throughout your home, from CCTV, DVD, Blu-Rays and CDs all using the unique Kaleidespace movie server. Using SMART technologies and the Oakley Automated Living intuitive touch screen interfaces and in built systems you have everything you require at a fingers touch.

High Definition Quality in Every Room

With an Oakley Automated Living AV rack and cabling infrastructure we can provide you with a centralised systems that enables HD in every room you require. This will enable you to be able to watch and control what you want in whichever room you want – the children watching their DVDs in their bedrooms whilst a different film is being shown in your home cinema room and yet at that the same time someone can be catching up on the television in the kitchen.

The remote control in each room is incredibly easy to use and makes selecting your choice of media incredibly simple – just the press of a button. The Oakley Automated Living system uses a multi-room channel select system allowing you to view your CCTV in one room and your favourite TV programme in another.

Kaleidescape DVD/CD and Blu-ray Server

In today’s world there is a huge variety of systems that can store your whole media collection for you to browse independently of what room you happen to be in, allowing everyone to watch or listen to what they want, where they want, but after years of supplying these systems the one that Oakley Automated Living can and will recommend is Kaleidescape. The simplicity of use and ease of installation and maintenance say it all and this is why they are our preferred supplier.

We are here to make our clients lives simpler and included in that simplicity is the Kaleidescape Media Server System which enables you to manage, store and collect your music and films on a central library using a high-speed network, yet on one small media server – all you need to do is sit back, press one button and enjoy!

View Your Photo Collection on Any TV

How many times in this digital age are photos taken and never seen? Now with our systems you can store your photos and home videos and show them on any TV screen in your home, setting it to your own musc and providing different entertainment for your house parties.

Multi Room Audio

In the past, for your family to be able to listen to different music in different rooms meant a different sound system in every room – now, for the family to be able to enjoy a full, varied choice of what is listened to is something that we at Oakley Automated Living can bring to your home, including access to internet services such as Napster, Spotify and rhapsody for a welcoming full range of music.
We can install whatever you need for the type of quality you need and keep it incorporated with your lighting, security, heating, AV and HD systems.

Control in your hand, on the wall and on the TV

With your music collection stored on a central server or your iPod, there are a myriad of options for how you wish to browse and select that music.

From simple intuitive Sonos music App on your iPhone or iPad to a custom designed Control4 interface on the in wall touch screen allowing you to browse through the music on your iPod docked in another room, or the incredible Kaleidescape interface on your TV screen, literally anything is possible.

Individual Collections and Party Modes

Multi room music systems will allow you to share your collection throughout the house, so can choose to listen to music independently in every single room meaning each member of the family never has to listen to the music being played by another member of the family.

Alternatively when you are entertaining simply select party mode which will allow you to play the same music throughout every room you choose to select. Independent volume control means the games room can be loud and raucous whilst the dining room is quite and reserved. We can also allow you to lock all the controls panels other than your hand held device to stop children or guests selecting different music through the house and turning up the volume too loud!

Next generation invisible speakers

Multi Room Audio and Video Marbella hidden-inwall speakers


1. On-wall installation

2. Wall-mounting, easy to build in

3. Ceiling installation

4. Underfloor installation

Easy integration
• Installation under plaster, paint, wallpaper, parquet, composite panels

• Wall, ceiling or under-floor mounting

• Dimensions to fit sizes typically used in construction


• Discreet, melting completely into the decor

• No visible wiring

Optimised sound

• Integrated frequency adaptation to Revox amplifiers

Ideal integration environment

• Humid environment requiring IP68 rating

• Situation with a high level of hygiene

• Sound system in a venue with protection against vandalism

• All other locations, such as an auditorium, conference room, airport…

At Oakley Automated Living we understand that unlike the past where it was important to be able to show off the systems that were available, now discretion is the absolute key. What we can provide for our customers is however a hidden system they want from in-built systems into walls, ceilings or underfloor – screens that are hidden behind paintings – security devices disguised as lighting – invisible wiring – TVs hidden in antiques – you imagination is the only limitation.

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Multi-room Audio and Video Marbella, Estepona to Sotogrande and beyond…