Lights, Camera, Action!

When you’re away from home, wouldn’t it be nice if you felt your home was being looked after?

Well, Oakley Automated Living can integrate Occupancy Simulation into your home automation system so that, to the outside world, your property will appear fully occupied even when there’s no one home!

Bolstering your security, when you activate ‘Vacation Mode’ our unique system will activate a sequence of activity giving outsiders the impression that your house is being lived in.

This activity can include lighting, TVs and opening and closing of your curtains and blinds—we can even divert your intercom to your mobile phone, giving the impression that you yourself are in!

Unlike other less flexible solutions, Oakley Automated Living even has the ability to make this activity random, so that no actions appear the same from day to day. What’s more, our control technology lets you set your heating and air conditioning systems to the perfect temperature, ready for your return home.

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